Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fix 'er up!

I decided this week that I am never going to love this shabby 900 square foot house if I don't put any of my heart in it to love! My idea is to fall in love with my home, project-by-project, and my first project was transforming these stained, mismatched pillows into whimsical, fun ones that my family loves!

Today, I am headed to the store and my mission is to buy sanding supplies and paint for my mismatched (but very functional) kitchen chairs. I'm inspired by Monica's kitchen chairs on "Friends".
I think the kids and I can do all
four chairs today and I'll buy a table cloth for the poor table. Pictures surely will follow our hard work!

And after this project is completed, I have so many more ideas to pursue! Starting with making "curtains" for our lower cabinets (which are
slowly falling apart before our eyes) and my inspiration is birthed from photos like these...

I also want to paint the kids' rooms (something I've wanted to do since we moved here 3 years ago!), repaint the kitchen (to match my "new" table, chairs, and cupboards) and somehow decorate my mudroom/laundry room/catch-all area. There has to be a inexpensive way to make the area as pretty as it is functional.

Ideas? Thoughts? Am I on the right track?

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Katherine said...

Yes, you are on the right track. Making "the space you have" into "your own place" is what you are doing. Remember your tiny little room in the old trailor? Often I had to look past what was in front of me and make the space better. Had to find lovely and unique, comfort and cozy....out of old, tired, small and nasty. Had to do that more times than I wanted to...but always felt like my new environment was hugging me - after I had re-created it! Have's work that pays you back! Love - Mom