Monday, February 15, 2010


Had I but known...
My newest obsession...being
green. But not going all crazy-like by hugging trees and splashing red paint on fur coats...well not yet, at least. I just want to make those "little" changes that the greenies tell us to do. Those small alterations to our daily life that can make a great impact to our earth. I figure, God tells me to be a good steward of what He has given me, right?

So I started recycling again (green idea #1). It's not so easy for me to do. I know all of
you are gasping in horror at the fact that I'm so behind the times...well SHUT IT! I hardly have time to brush my teeth in the morning and now I'm expected to rinse, de-label and sort my trash into bags that I have to tie up, drag to the van, and transport to a recycling center?!? (PS I still don't know where to take them, and my van's back seat is quickly filling up!)

Green idea #2: shop thrifty. I have been going to all the thrift/antique/consignment stores FIRST when I need "
new" items for my family and home. Once again, time is my enemy. It takes so much patience to sort through shelves of dusty knicknacks in order to find that serving dish. It's so tiring to slide hundreds of moth-eaten sweaters on a rack just to find that one perfect cardigan with only a single missing button. But I'm doing it. So YAY for me.

Green idea #3: EDUCATE myself. I'm so stinkin' clueless about the ins and outs of living green. There are so many easy things I can do but they aren't on a list. I need a list, a how-to, a "become a tree-hugger-wannabe for dummies". So I started today by obsessing over cool green websites and I'm stuck on one about having healthier kids by reducing exposure to harmful chemicals in your own home! Who knew? Jamie has asthma and I thought I was doing all I could to help him and here I'm missing out on some seemingly obvious and simple things to do jus
t b/c I was uninformed. So I clicked on every link on in hopes of changing that...which leads me to my brilliant green idea #3:
Blog about it. This is my journey. And as any good journey, there will be ups and why not chronicle it? I'm a skeptic. I don't believe I can be green and keep true to my budget, family living style, and personal expectations.
Along the way, I'll ask for your help and tips. I expect you'll laugh at me along the way too...just make sure you share you joy at my expense. I asked for it! :0)

Question #1 for YOU: What's your position on bottled water? I can't STAND the taste of water from reusable plastic or aluminum what's an avid water-drinker supposed to do? Here's a link for an article that talks about the dangers of bottled water. What do you think?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The land of Funtiques

It was a horrible and gloomy Tuesday in the land of My Life. Princess Kristina had woke up sleepier then when she laid her head down last night. Her professors had no pity on her.
To make matters worse, her prince was in a land far, far away name T-Mobilot slaying the dragon called Customeragon who always seemed angry about terrible things the he did to himself. Customeragon liked to blame all his misfortune on the good people of T-Mobilot and Prince Charming was busy defending his kingdom.
Princess Kristina had received news of a new land called Funtiques in the kingdom of Springfield. This new land promised hope of fun fabrics and vintage pieces that would surely put a smile back on the Princesses' sad face. So she traveled to the land of Funtiques and spent many minutes traveling up and down it's alleys. She found various things that made her smile and decided to make a deal with the Queen of Funtiques in order to bring some treasures back to her homeland. She wasn't sure if her Prince Charming would care a lick about her treasures, but nonetheless she decided to share her fortune with the good people of the Internet.

Enjoy this picture of her treasures, oh people of the Internet. "Oooh" and "Aaah" as much as you please...and if you don't get your fill, head on over to Funtiques Market on Commecial near National ave. in Springfield to find your own adventure and bring home many treasures to share with your own kingdom.
OH, and remember that we all live happily ever after.
The End.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Holy crazy 6-year-olds Batman!!

Is it just me, or do children morph into evil creatures when they are cramped in a room with 100 more of their kind?
Last night was Allana's Kindergarten music program in the tiny gym at Boyd Elementary School. Holy crazy 6-yr-olds Batman! Josh, the kids, and I stood flushed to the back brick wall praying for survival as children blurred by screaming, crying, laughing, screaming, singing, fighting, screaming and screaming!!
Are you an elementary school teacher? GOD BLESS YOU! I'm still recovering from 1hr of that mess. Thank you Jesus for your guidance! I was an education major at one Lord knew I only had enough patience to endure that scene when my children needed me to. Whew!
Anyway, it was cute 10-minute production and I'll include the vids on here. Feel free to watch them and remember to THANK the teachers in your world! They are a God-send!