Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thinking inside the box

I'm not going to pretend anymore...I'M SUPER DUPER excited about spring!
(insert high-pitched screeching giggles here)

It makes me think of butterflies, fireflies, and flowers
(I couldn't think of any more "flies" that I like).

As I arrived home from work, I was able to fully enjoy the beautiful job my hubby did mowing the lawn today.
(thanks to Josh for the mowing and the Fields' for the mower)

...I immediately imagined perfectly pruned bushes and
beautiful blossoming flower boxes.

Next up on my "Home, Sweet Home" blog series:
Gardening Without Breaking Ground.

How do I do this easily and thrifty?

I want flower boxes, vegetable
boxes, mini herb gardens, potted plants and hanging baskets,

Basically, I want Isabel's charming cottage from the remake movie, "Bewitched".

But, I want it with out using a big
or big

Is it possible?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Home, Sweet Home

Mi casa es su casa. Or something like that.

My "new" house (as I like to call this house that I've
lived in for 6 months now) is in desperate need of something. That "something" is broken down into three categories: color, scheme, and continuity.

As a family, the MO Wilmoths have collect many pieces of furniture, art, and this & thats. The issue birthed from the marriage of new home and old things is this:
my house has a personality disorder. It dons matte,
texturized, brilliant white walls that are overwhelming like that of an insane asylum. It flashes its brilliant view through windows so tall they magnify sun rays so you must not look directly at them for fear of sight damage. Add to all this my mish-mosh of
thrift store & yard sale treasures, gifts, and clearance's enough to make this thrifty artsy-fartsy mom cry!
As a way to stack all of this craziness into a neat and organized "to do" file, I
am going to use an BHG article as my guide. I will list the "30 easy, high-impact
decorating ideas" by Jenny Komenda ( from the March 2001 issue and then blog my way through them. A few will be not applicable to my situation, but many will be. I imagine most will take me all summer to finish.

My hope is that through it all, I will learn how to make the best of what I have and add to that what I am able to add. The icing on the cake? You take a few tips home with you, too!
Ready to start? Here is the first item on the list:
"1. Layers keep a room from being one-note. Prop framed pictures or mirrors against a wall, overlapping them slightly. Top a stack of books with a fun little something. Drape a throw over a chair arm. Now, you have depth."

I feel like I already do this, but maybe I'll experiment more. Heaven knows my bookshelf needs H-E-L-P in this area.

What's this? Do I sense a family

...hmmph. Well *I* think it will be fun!