Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thinking inside the box

I'm not going to pretend anymore...I'M SUPER DUPER excited about spring!
(insert high-pitched screeching giggles here)

It makes me think of butterflies, fireflies, and flowers
(I couldn't think of any more "flies" that I like).

As I arrived home from work, I was able to fully enjoy the beautiful job my hubby did mowing the lawn today.
(thanks to Josh for the mowing and the Fields' for the mower)

...I immediately imagined perfectly pruned bushes and
beautiful blossoming flower boxes.

Next up on my "Home, Sweet Home" blog series:
Gardening Without Breaking Ground.

How do I do this easily and thrifty?

I want flower boxes, vegetable
boxes, mini herb gardens, potted plants and hanging baskets,

Basically, I want Isabel's charming cottage from the remake movie, "Bewitched".

But, I want it with out using a big
or big

Is it possible?


Lesa said...

We are going to use the cheap buckets from one of the box stores to plant in and create a self water system with holes poked in it and another on, the bottom with water, you could use storage containers in, different colors for this too. ( I told somebody about this, sorry if it was you, but it is such a neat idea!)

Anonymous said...

Meg said....
Flea markets and farmers markets have good deals on plants. That may be a place to start...

lsugurl10 said...

You could check out places like Salvation Army or Goodwill for "different" basket an old picnic basket turned into flower pot or mini herb garden. Also, if you have any neighbors that have beautiful perennial flowers, you could ask for a "starter" piece. Oh, I just got dill seeds off my Triscuit cracker cool is that?

Alexia said...

I found some pretty neat 4x4 raised beds on LTD ($20/each). We're getting some of those for our house and then all you do is layer newspaper, manure and some soil. (there are a lot of different options for what to layer, but this was the cheapest for us...since Randy and his cows live in our backyard LOL)

Also, I've read quite a few posts on square foot gardening. Apparently you can plant quite a lot - and we're talking veggies!

You have to water ALOT if you're doing any kind of container gardening though. Which is why we're sticking with the raised bed. little to no weeds, and no digging, but a great garden!