Friday, July 13, 2012

Every good sermon has 3 points.

I haven't posted in a very. long. time.  I'd apologize, but I think most of you kept up with my FB posts, so you're not really behind.

Today, there are 3 things I want you to know.

#1 My family is about to grow.  We have begun the "being a foster parent" process with an interview on Wednesday.  Our classes will begin after that.  The powers that be told me, and I quote, "I hope we can fill your home soon!"

#2 My home is about to change.  We are ironing out details, but we will be moving in the near future. A "Welcome to our home" bash will soon follow.  You're invited.

#3 I added a number 3 because I follow the rule of threes out of habit and psychological conditioning.

Now you're caught up!  I promise to post more details when they are available.

I'm happy, content, and excited...reminds me of the day I discovered my real and undying love for Pinterest.