Sunday, March 20, 2011

Smart Kids Rock

Whilest cleaning my house (avoiding sure death by drowning in piles of laundry) I found stacks of school paperwork. The last couple of weeks have wrecked havoc on the MO Wilmoths' routine so we are now getting back on track.

So, back to the stacks. The stacks included permission slips for trips already past, undone homework (complete with orange juice stains) and bragging rights.

Among these bragging rights was the Boyd Elementary School Newsletter which listed each classrooms' Citizen of the Month. *Allana's teacher is Mrs. Nottle - 1st grade*

In addition to the Newsletter, I found grades on Jamie's school work like this:

I see Allana suck her thumb and I sigh in frustration. I cringe as Jamie responds to my requests with, "UUUUH WHY??!!" instead of a sweet, "sure!" like he use to provide. But then there are moments like these.
These moments allow me to sit back and serenely smile.
I am proud, satisfied, and content. I am a mom of 2 beautiful, bright, AND boisterous Boyd Elementary kids. And I love them.

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Lesa said...

From one mom to another, that rocks! I won't waste time telling your kids that though, obviously that's embarrassing! Hmmmmm although.....