Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our Angel...only on loan on earth.

It's been a long and emotional day. Today, my family joined our dear friends in mourning our loss of Momma Angel Winch. Angel, who mothered Josh and I, along with many other young adults, went to be with her Lord on March 22, 2011 after a brief battle with cancer.
Angel was a source of love, affection, warmth, and most importantly...unconditional love.
It was mentioned during her tribute that many of us called her, "Mom" and that,
"she loved her children, [whether they were] good or bad, right or wrong." True words.

After the funeral, a large group gathered at Angel's home church to eat and spend time together. The group collectedly celebrated Angel by laughing, sharing stories, hugging, taking pictures, enjoying the children in short, the group followed Angel's example and we loved on one another.

Josh and I later reflected on the group that joined in love. There were people representing many different races, religions, backgrounds, political beliefs, sexual orientation, career paths, education, etc... And yet, all had joined as love for this remarkable woman.
While doing just that, my friend Sherry and I spent some moments pondering on the kind of a person Angel was. Sherry stated simply, "That woman loved God. Oh, did she LOVE God!" And I quickly nodded in agreement.
Yet, I find myself wondering, when it's my time and my loved ones are celebrating me...what will my simple statement be? What few words describe all that I was on this earth. Did I love my neighbors...even the ones with loud cars and louder kids? Did my heart bleed when an enemy was hurt? Did I welcome all into my life? Did I give? Did I care? Did I love unconditionally? Did I love my God?
Tonight, my family went to church (as we do most Saturday nights) and the "talk" tonight was titled, "Why God?" As in, Why God? vs. No God/Different god. In short, it boils down to this: we all have hang-ups/barriers when it comes to being/becoming a Christian. Some of these would include: intellectual, emotional/psychological, and/or decision barriers. Pastor Tommy invited all to seek truth. Read the Bible. Ask questions. Write down your arguments/objects. Educate yourself! God gave you that grey matter between your ears...use it!
And then he closed with this statement: Christianity is not just the best way to die (a.k.a. hell insurance), it's the best way to live.

I'm honoring Angel by sharing this. She loved unconditionally. If you didn't feel her love, you didn't meet her. If you aren't sure if you met her or didn't have the pleasure of meeting her. Meeting Angel meant you were now part of her family, nobody forgets that kind of acceptance. She loved you and you knew it. How? She told you. EVERY time she saw you. How do we know it was unconditional? Because she loved us all. Good or bad. Right or wrong. We were loved. And man, did she love her God.

PS If you would like more information on how to seek God, please message me. As a starter, grab the nearest Bible and read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John for the biography of Jesus. Questions? Write 'em down. Concerns? Write 'em down. And then do one thing more...pray. Honestly and sincerely pray. Don't believe? Go ahead and tell it to God. He isn't offended, He won't be upset. God isn't mad because you have questions...He loves you. Unconditionally.

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